LEGO Space Returns!


It warms my heart to see news like this: LEGO has apparently been working with fans to design new LEGO Space sets via LEGO Factory. I can’t wait to buy mine, they look very cool. Congrats to Chris and Mark! Check out more pics at Gizmodo.

LEGO Factory Space is lifting off soon! Are you a Space Skull or a Star Justice?

2 sets launching on April 16:

10191 Star Justice
10192 Space Skulls

Both retail for $99.99 USD, available at or through LEGO Stores.

Space Skulls (designed by LEGO fan Mark Sandlin from Georgia)
– Skullfighter features opening cockpit, freem blasters and fuel cells
– Skullbot features freem blaster and grasping claw
– Skullmecha features heavy freem cannons and missiles
– Skullmecha has 12 mobile arms and is the chosen vehicle of the Space Skull Commander
– Hover skull transport features dual frap cannons and troop transport area

Star Justice (designed by LEGO fan Chris Giddens from Georgia)
– Cosmic Peace Keeper and Hypersled have sliding landing gear
– Mobile Cargo Transport has eight wheels with suspension and carries equipment over any terrain
– Star Outpost 7 has storage and reloading place for the energy units
– Four Justice bots with scanner-tool
– Cosmic Peace Keeper has a sliding cockpit