Loving and Hating Twitter

I’m becoming more of a fan of Twitter as more of my offline friends join up. (You may recall my discussion about this in my post, “Twitter suddenly becomes relevant“)

I find myself both loving Twitter for its updatey brevity and hating it for it’s annoyingness. (Yes, it’s a word) I thought I’d share some of my loves and hates about the way people post on Twitter. Not much point, I know, but perhaps you have the same reactions and we can help each other through.


  • Personal information. What are you thinking? How’s your day? Share a bit of your pysche! Example: “My grandfather was a radioman in WW2. My dad gave me his training manual last Xmas. I only knew him when he was very sick and I was little.”
  • A view into other people’s discussions. Example: ” wow this new keyboard rocks!! @purplelime you are really gonna like it!”
  • Sharing of things that are interesting, but too short for any other context. Example: “wow you really have to see those new iMacs in person, they are awesome, I want a new keyboard” Cool! “Common Craft” just got a delivery from 1800 flowers. a pomegranate bonsai. no card or name. Thank you Internets!”


  • People who Twitter in third person. Example: “JimBob is feeling lonely after his parapet left his side”
  • Not thinking about the stream, using Twitter stream to communicate a specific message to a specific person. Take it to email, punk. Example: “not sure jesse, mine seems to working fine. are you spelling it right?!!”
  • Overload. Seriously, we don’t need to know absolutely everything you’re thinking/feeling/doing. Sometimes a little mystery is a good thing. Ask Scooby. Example: I’m eating a piece of fudge.”
  • Running tally of your daily schedule. Example: “Good morning, Twitterland.” or Example: “I’m going to bed, see you tomorrow Tweety friends!!”

Yes, I know that Twitter is a subjective thing, and as such my loves/hates may be completely different than yours. But there are mine… what you about you?