Macromedia keeps on impressing

On Monday morning, the tech world was a buzz with the news of the Adobe/Macromedia merger. As I’ve watched this unfold, I can’t say enough how impressed with Macromedia I am. They’re doing it right, and here’s a quick run down of the highlights:

  • home page updated with nicely designed graphics on Monday morning announcing the merger
  • These graphics pointed to a joint site that announced the merger
  • Their employee bloggers were prepared. Very prepared
  • They set up a specific email address for people to submit questions
  • The Team Macromedia members and User Group Managers were invited to a conference call with a bit more info

And all this was ready Monday morning, and all of this was done with the constraints of the SEC.

Great work to the Macromedia team. Hopefully Adobe doesn’t muck up this progress.