Marketing 2.0

I was chatting with my eBuddy Johnnie Moore about my experiences with buying an Alienware computer. (More on that in a soon to be released podcast)

Long story short, I was saying that I think that talking about "community" is a 1.0 concept, that the new 2.0 concept is talking about "interaction". Many companies dismiss the ideas of talking to consumers with some line like "Our widget doesn’t have a reason to have ‘community’ around it, so why bother".

But interaction is the key to this conversation. Yes, some companies, perhaps many companies don’t have a product that lends itself to a "community". But nearly every company offers opportunties for interaction.

Johnnie made a great point – that this is Marketing 2.0.

(And when I said that term was too good not to steal, he reminded me that "stealing" is 1.0, but "sharing" is 2.0)