Monetizing Twitter

The question often comes up, “How can I monetize [our presence on] Twitter?” (or blogs, or any sort of social media tool, really)

Let’s step aside from the issue that this is usually a dumb, or at least short-sighted question. The real question is first “What’s our business objective for being on Twitter?” If the answer has something to do with finding direct revenue, you clearly don’t understand Twitter.

“Making Money” isn’t a simply conducting more core focused transactions. Saving money, making better products, improving customer experience and satisfaction, and yes, selling more products are just a few things that go into making money. If you’re on Twitter for no other reason than to push products, you’re doing it wrong.

As one example of what you can do with Twitter, look at what Gary says:

“If you don’t realise that is the most important website on the internet right now, then you’re a clown.”