My Tabs are out of control…

Seriously, I need help. You know when you find something you like, and you use/consume/buy it until you’re just simply overwhelmed? Like when you say "I’ll get started with photography", and before you know it you have a pile of lenses, more books than you’ll ever read, and 7 different types of camera bags.

Now that tabs are standard on programs like Firefox, NetNewsWire, and Flock I’ve created a hole I’m having trouble getting out of – tab abuse.

Despite my diligent efforts to put any cool Web finds into my delicious stream, I still find myself with no less than 64 open tabs across the three applications listed above. These aren’t just pages I want to keep for future reference, or things I want to save to pass on to a specific person. No no, my friend – these are active content that will soon be blogged, quoted, or referenced for one project or another. Try as I might to clear at least some of these out tabs, more appear to replace them. That damn ctrl-click function to open links into new tabs is far to easy. I call it the "Enabler Key Combo".

It’s official: there’s simply too much great content on the Web.