New site launched:

pyramid.pngIf you play in the community space at all, you’ve almost certainly heard or been part of a discussion revolving around the 90-9-1 Principle. Basically this principle speaks to the idea that there is a “Participation Inequality” in social environments, where some people participate more than others.

After yet another client conversations where I was explaining this idea to them over the phone, I thought “It sure would be nice to have this information all in one place”. After a quick trip to google, I didn’t find anything easy and succinct. After a quick trip to GoDaddy, I realized was still available.

Today I’m pleased to announce that I’ve launched , a simplistic site that can be used to explain or share the idea behind the principle.

If you would like to see additional content added to the site, please email me your suggestions!

Please spread the word! This resource is only useful if it gets used!