New Social Sharing site launches

Before joining Big in Japan I worked with Slingshot and Dr Pepper to create a cool social sharing site. This site has soft-launched this week, so …drum roll, please…. I’m proud to introduce you to Liquid State. As the site describes it, Liquid State is:

A community where creativity is king and discovery is your reward. It’s a place for art, words, music, memories, games, talent, originality, polling, cruising, searching, finding, and pure strokes of genius – share your own, and explore and comment on what other Members post. It’s a liquid state of being. It’s a liquid state of people. Step into the Liquid State.

The site is a new direction for many brands, creating a site that has very little overt branding. Instead, Dr Pepper has created a place for fans and brand to mingle on the same terms. Oh, and it’s all Flash based for added coolness.

Huge congrats to both the Slingshot and Dr Pepper teams!