Nikon D60 Loaner Program

I was official

In a very cool twist of gadget fate, I’ve been included in the next round of the Nikon Loaner Program, having a tasty new D60 show up just in time to use it at SXSW. I popped my new 18-200mm VR lens on and off I went. Since this model is just hitting store shelves, you can imagine I got a number of questions about it from fellow photography enthusiasts. I enjoyed being the cool photog kid for once!

I have the D50 already, and have been incredibly satisfied with it. The D60 is already proving to be an improvement, and as I play more I’ll report in. First reactions?

  • Shutter sound is much softer, more appealing
  • There’s a dial option for “Auto without flash”
  • Screen seems to be bigger and the menuing much improved
  • The overall size and weight of the body is much smaller. Love the lighter body, not sure I like the smaller body.

More feedback coming soon!