Obama’s April numbers are stunning

I just read about Barack Obama’s fundraising results for the month of April. Whether you agree with his politics or not, it’s amazing to see the social change happening before our eyes.

  • New donors in April: 200,000
  • 94% of contributions were under $200
  • 93% of contributions were $100 or less
  • 77% of contributions were $50 or less
  • 52% of contributions were $25 or less
  • Number of donors to the Obama campaign overall at the end of April: 1.475 million
  • Number of contributions given: 2,929,000 million
  • Average donation: $91
  • Amount raised in April: $31.3 million (plus an additional $600,000 for the general election)
  • Cash on Hand: $37.3 million (plus an additional $9.2 million for the general election)

We’ve all heard a great deal of discussion about the role of the internet in this election, but looking at these numbers it’s just flat amazing.