Phrases we should eliminate…

We all have our favorite marketing catch phrases, clueless concepts that won’t die, and discussion points. Favorite in the sense that we’d like to see them die before we get so tired of hearing them we snap and smack someone.

My favorite of late? In relation to Web projects:

"… there will need to be a viral component…"

This phrase can also be heard in its more pure form:

"…the project should be well designed…"

If you’re thinking through your project correctly then by default it should be good enough that people want to share it. If you’ve developed the Web site in a smart way, it will include methods of sharing (forward to friend, direct URLs to all content, etc.)

Way too many marketing people are way too worried about the "viral component" and barely thinking about what actually makes something viral in the first place.

What about you? What marketing catch phrases or silly conversation tidbits would you love to have stricken from the vocabulary?