Pre-Christmas Link Roundup

I’m headed out for Christmas soon and thought I’d drop a few links to hold you over until I return.

  • Lee’s "What I would have written about in 2006" post
  • Bubbleshare – cool photo sharing site with some slick AJAX
  • Tech Crunch – I’ve linked to this before, but if you’re not reading it daily, you’re missing out
  • Jake’s LEGO Blog – I’m not sure I’ve linked to this here before, but this is my work-related blog
  • Digg Spy – one of the coolest sites around adds one of the coolest features yet
  • Barney’s Blog – the new CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" has a character that always talks about his blog. This is his blog. Nice. The writing is good, but I would rather have seen this as a Typepad or Blogger blog… would have seemed more authentic. Hard to believe that this blog is being written by a "real person" when the CBS logo is at the top of the page.
  • Great article on blog layout
  • Ford’s Crushing Blow blog – a marketing blog done right
  • RSSDirect – a on and offline newsletter about RSS marketing – at first glance, content doesn’t seem half bad

Everyone travel safe and have a great holiday break. 2006 is going to be a great year for community – I can feel it! And that means we’re all going to need to rest and recharge and prepare for yet more changing of the way business works.