Rapid Fire – Friday, December 14

Blockbuster’s Downgrade Email

Another good example of customer service emails done right.

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Google Develops Wikipedia Rival – Yahoo! News

From the site::

Google is developing an online publishing platform where people can write entries on subjects they know, an idea that’s close to Wikipedia’s user-contributed encyclopedia but with key differences. The project, which is in an invitation-only beta stage, lets users create clean-looking Web pages with their photo and write entries on, for example, insomnia. Those entries are called “knols” for “unit of knowledge,” Google said.

Google wants the knols to develop into a deep repository of knowledge, covering topics such as geography, history and entertainment.

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The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks

Sometimes bad grammar can be funny!

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Animated Mac/PC guys commercial

Hilarious. I’ve yet to see it on TV, so not sure it’s Web only or not. Damn funny either way!

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