Rapid Fire – Friday, March 21

Sweetest Tweet Ever? Man Proposes Via Twitter | The Underwire from Wired.com

Twitter … it’s now a true social tool.

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Notemine – We can’t read your mind, but we can read your thoughts!

“Microblogging site that maps the emotional graph through the thoughts of individuals.” (aka PostSecret.com + Twitter)

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Ze Frank Makes Twitter His Colorful Playground | The Underwire from Wired.com

“His first, an attempt to get Twitter users to tell each other bedtime stories, has gone back to the shop for reworking, but he is encouraging his Twitter followers to assign themselves to teams. Frank himself is on the Blue Team, and other teams include Orange, Gold and Very Green.”

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The Highers Brothers Buggy Shop – Rome

Apparently my great (great?) grandfather invented the Highers Safety Gate, a slatted side-kit for wagons and trailers (the latch mechanism) that is still in use today for stake side flatbed trucks.

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