Rapid Fire – Friday, November 23

E. A. Hanks: Can Your Christmas List Make A Difference? – Living on The Huffington Post

Can consumerism act as a form of activism?

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Ten Worst Movie Domain Names Ever

One of my personal pet peeves brought to “top 10 worst list” format. Love it.

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How to Sleep in Airports – Tips and Advice – The Guide to Sleeping in Airports

No, sleeping in airports is not just for weather delayed flights. Apparently you can skip the hotel all together. (That idea makes me a bit queasy)….

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Movable Type Community Solution: Create a Powerful Online Community

Six Apart launches “Movable Type Community Solution”, a platform for building communities. Sounds cool, but I wonder what level of customization it allows for. Off to research that…

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Amazon.com adds Image Notes

Amazon has added yet another cool ass feature to their product pages… when you submit a product photo, you can also place “notes” (like Flickr’s notes functionality) on the photos. I’m not sure how new this is, but I’ve just noticed it on this particular movie (which was supposed to have gotten rave reviews, FYI)

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