Rapid Fire – Monday, February 18

Why Are Marketers & Journalists So Afraid of Online Video? | Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog

“Video scares the heck out of everyone because it’s a massive change in the way things ‘have always been’.”

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Is MySpace Good for Society? A Freakonomics Quorum – Freakonomics – Opinion – New York Times Blog

The experts weigh in on the question: “Has social networking technology (blog-friendly phones, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) made us better or worse off as a society, either from an economic, psychological, or sociological perspective?”

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Team Guy Kawasaki launches a new site, Alltop: “All the top headlines from popular topics around the web.” It’s interesting so see yet another example of “editorial selection” in action… we have an overwhelming amount of data coming at us, and sites/tools/people who help us refine this influx are becoming more and more valuable.

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Forrester’s Marketing Blog: Forrester Report: Online Community Best Practices for the Interactive Marketer

A few weeks back, Jeremiah (web-strategist.com) interviewed me for a Forrester report he was working on regarding Online Communities. The report is out (for Forrester clients), and I’m looking forward to getting to read my copy.

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AllTop All Zen: Launching Today

Speaking of Alltop.com…. This is an interesting interview with Guy Kawasaki about the launch of Alltop.

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