Rapid Fire – Saturday, June 07

Twitter Can Learn a Lesson from my Girlfriend | RyanSpoon.com

“The lesson I learned is that transparency only works when there are viewers.” Great point about the fact that users who don’t visit the Twitter blog simply see a lack of Twitter updates and scratch their heads and wonder why.

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In a Web 2.0 world, the Drudge Report stays old school. – Jun. 6, 2008

“In a world of online bells and whistles, the influential Drudge Report stays old school.” Helps us remember that “Web 2.0” isn’t about AJAX and rounded corners, it’s about solving problems and connecting to people, information, and activity that’s interesting to us. By those standards, Drudge is about as Web 2.0 as it comes, event though there’s not a rounded corner to be found.

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Flickr: Discussing Picking up the Pieces Contest! in ApocaLego

I love LEGO and I love doomsday fiction. This contest combines both: “Armageddon has gripped the world. Civilization has crumbled. Few humans survive. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to show in Lego form how a survivor or group of survivors has begun to piece together a new life from the ashes of catastrophe.”

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Derek Powazek – 35

It’s posts like this that make me proud to call Derek a friend and mentor (whether he knows it or not). It’s amazing to see such raw, real insight into a terrific person.

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