Rapid Fire – Saturday, March 15

Interview: Bloggers, direct marketing, and social networking

“When connecting with customers online, you need to open a dialogue with them as individuals. Seth Godin, Sean Parker and Jimmy Wales talk about how blogging and social networking have changed the nature of direct marketing.”

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What are the Economics of Relationships?

Interesting look at the “economics” of relationships.

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[CSITNM] Robert Stephens

Fantastic speech from GeekSquad’s Robert Stephens.

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Influential Marketing Blog: 10 Easy Ways to Piss Off A Blogger (from SXSW)

Great recap of Rohit’s “10 easy ways to piss off a blogger” session at SXSW. A must read for anyone doing “blogger outreach”!

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Derek Powazek – Pixish, Spec Work, and Graggers

A bit late in posting this one, but Derek addresses the “spec” issue with Pixish. (Did you get your Pixish sticker at SXSWi?)

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The perils of the wrong name

As someone who is regularly called “Jason McGee” (rather than Jake/Jacob McKee), I love this 10 minute podcast talking about the horrors of calling people the wrong name, and how to deal with it.

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iMedia Connection: Meet your brand advocates

“Brand advocates can be highly sought after resources in digital marketing, but do marketers really know what they’re thinking? Meet some of the people behind user-generated videos.”

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The Latest Measurement Tips for Social Media | PodTech.net

These days, every good social media discussion needs to include some discussion of measurement, right?

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Could Spitzer Scandal Take Skype Video Mainstream?

TechCrunch points out that CNN used a Skype interview in core programming. Citizen Journalism takes a massive step forward, considering that Skype and a borrowed video camera are free, portable, and accessible. Much different than having to have a studio with hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment and professional lighting.

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YouTube – Wii-diculous – Playing the Wii in a Movie Theater

“Playing Wii Sports at a movie theater on a 344″ screen using a homemade wireless sensor bar.” VERY cool!

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Virtual Worlds News: Toy Fair Goes Virtual: 11 New or Expanded Toy-Based Worlds

Interesting new toys coming out…. oh to be a kid these days!

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Guy Kawasaki interviews Steve Ballmer. Hilarity ensues.

Guy Kawasaki is just too cool.

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