Rapid Fire – Saturday, May 31

Olivia Zaleski: Top 10 Most Useless Items of Crapola – Living on The Huffington Post

I love stories, books, and articles about silly inventions. Although I will put in a word of support for the baby wipe warmer. Those things get COLD in winter and when my girl was newborn those cold wipes used to scare the crap out of her. Not good when you were trying to get her to go back to sleep in the middle of the night.

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Company Blog Checkup: Wal-Mart’s Checkout Blog – The Viral Garden

Mack reviews the Wal-Mart Checkout Blog. The blog started off as a great project, but it has the distinct feel of a lack of community management overseeing the project. I get the sense that it’s not being run by a single person able to dedicate some time to making sure things stay on track and stay interesting. Bummer.

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Segway Social

I’m not usually a big fan of companies implementing *yet another* niche social network, but sometimes it just makes sense. Segway owners unite! (Damn, I wish I was one!)

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Voce Nation ยป Revising the BusinessWeek Blog Story

Good article from Josh about the BusinessWeek blog story revisit.

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