Rapid Fire – Sunday, August 17


Fantastic! I’ve always been surprised that Vandelay Industries or our old friend Art haven’t been played out on the web more often.

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fonolo.com – Welcome

Wow, this is a serious cool application of the Web tech to solve many, many frustrations…

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CollarFree.com – T-Shirt Design, Artists, Graphic Designers, Clothing Designers, E-Commerce Store

“Collar free is an online design community that sells fashionable t-shirts based on designs submitted by artists and graphic designers and voted on by the public.” — They are using a similar voting mechanism as commandshift3.com… very slick and great designs. Pricey, though.

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LEGO Group Builds Consumer Driven Innovation to New Heights [BrickJournal Home]

Fantastic! The Community Development team at LEGO is doing absolutely fantastic things these days. Check out this new line of bad ass products!

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