Rapid Fire – Sunday, June 22

A Redesign at Skype – Bits – Technology – New York Times Blog

“Josh Silverman, Skype’s president, says it was time to evolve Skype’s user interface. The service started out by offering free audio calls but has gradually added other kinds of communication, like video calls, file-sharing, and text chats. The main purpose of the upgrade, he said, was to bring all those modes together and make it easier to switch between them in a single conversation.”

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3M Post-it® Notes and Flags : Post-it® Products in Sheer Colors

Nice! Translucent Post-It notes that you can overlay on the things you’re wanting to make notes on. So smart!

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We don’t do marketing with social media – social media is what caused the marketing game to change

“So marketing has become a new game because of social media. It is not just a new channel to reach and interact with customers.”

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Tech firms in a love-hate relationship with bloggers — chicagotribune.com

“Sprint won’t disclose the measures it took to conceal details of the Samsung Instinct launch from the press. But Titus said the blog community signed non-disclosure agreements on the Instinct and stuck to them. Several years of working closely with bloggers made that trust possible, he said.”

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Picnik – 50 Best Websites 2008 – TIME

Picnik gets some much-deserved accolades from TIME magazine!

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