Rapid Fire – Sunday, May 25

First Look at Post-Apocalyptic Future in Terminator 4 | The Underwire from Wired.com

Woo hoo! Terminator 4 stuff!

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Why’d You Have To Go And Make Things So Complicated?

Interesting read on Data Portability.

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MrBabyMan: Digg Users Revolt, Against the One Pure Man at the Top – ReadWriteWeb

More fun with the “gaming Digg” meme. Ugh.

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AOL Announces Open AIM Dev Contest Winners – ReadWriteWeb

“AOL ran its $100,000 competition through TopCoder, which we just mentioned in our guide to the crowdsourced workforce. Of note is that the top three applications in the OpenAIM contest came from the same user — who took home $30,000 for his efforts. Perhaps a new hire for AOL?”

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