Rapid Fire – Thursday, September 11

Backlash: Anti-DRM Protesters Trash Spore’s Amazon Rating

“Spore, the long awaited new game from SimCity creator Will Wright, has been critically well-received, so what’s up with its Amazon.com score? As of this posting, the game, despite being #1 on Amazon, has 1,494 one star ratings from gamers who are upset about the game’s DRM. Here are some excerpts from the angry reviews…”

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InternetRetailer.com – Daily News for Wednesday, August 27, 2008

“Columbia Sportswear Company learned two things from an online contest it sponsored this spring: you can drive traffic from online forums and other sites without spending ad dollars, and that more consumers will enter a contest if it doesn’t require a lot of work.”

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Free eBook on Personal Branding | chrisbrogan.com

Personal Branding for the Business Professional: a new e-Book from Chris Brogan.

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eModeration and Crisp Thinking — eModeration

“Ground-breaking technology and online moderation techniques are being combined to make virtual communities and MMOGs (Massive Multi-player Online Games) safer for children.  eModeration, the user-generated content moderation company, has partnered with online child protection technology company, Crisp Thinking, to offer ‘NetModerator’, Crisp’s new technology, which is the most comprehensive anti-grooming and anti-bullying system available.”

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