Rapid Fire – Tuesday, October 21

Twitter / Amber_Alert

The Amber Alert system joins twitter. Very simple, very effective. Hopefully, anyway.

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AppLoop – Mobile Application Services

Very interesting tool that allows you to create an iPhone application from your blog content with a simple wizard. Still in invite-only beta, but wow, very cool. Can you imagine how cool it will be when we start having the ability to build iPhone apps with wizards like this for a number of concepts? Very cool.

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Woe to Web 2.0 Start-Ups: Too Few Ads to Go Around – Advertising Age – Digital

“Start-ups of the second web boom — so-called Web 2.0 companies — have revolutionized the way we communicate (Twitter), consume media (YouTube) and relate to one another (Facebook). But most have one thing in common: They are built on the notion that if they can build scale, a near-bottomless well of advertising awaits, allowing them to offer tools, software, bandwidth and media to consumers for free.”

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