Rapid Fire – Wednesday, December 12

CommandShift3 – It’s like Hot or Not for web design

What a fun idea for a site! I spent 30 minutes voting before I realized it. “CommandShift3 is like Hot or Not. Except, instead of clicking on hot babes, you click on hot websites.”

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Good: Amazon Sends “Best Customer Service E-mail I’ve Ever Received”

This is a fantastic story, especially with the proximity to my recent post about great emails. Certainly the Amazon rep who wrote this response took more time, but here we are talking about how great Amazon service is (or at least can be). If this rep had said “my time is limited, I must focus on reducing costs, therefore turning emails as fast as possible”, Amazon would have missed out on this fantastic word of mouth reaction.

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Social Media and Communities: how not to approach it

A great look at how one company tried (and failed miserably) to capitalize on a niche community. A must read.

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Moderator Central – Yahoo! Groups

Do you own/run/manage/admin a YahooGroups! group? Be sure to check out Moderator Central for tips, updates, news, etc.

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Make My Logo Bigger Cream

Fantastic! Can we order in bulk??

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Movable Type Finally Goes Open-Source

Big news from Six Apart. I’ll be interested to see where this leads. “Although it’s been long-expected, Six Apart finally transitioned its Movable Type blogging software to an open-source license today.”

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