Rapid Fire – Wednesday, February 27

How to respond if a forum moderator goes crazy! » Online Community Building

I’ve had a number of questions from clients, leads, and various blog readers about this subject lately (or the fear of this situation), and this is a good article on how to handle it!

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Collection: The LEGO Group at New York Toy Fair 2008

Want to see the new LEGO products coming out in 2008? Here’s BrickJournal’s photo visit to LEGO’s Toy Fair space. Man, I really miss that employee discount!

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Barack Obama : O’BAMA Shirt

Official T-shirt design from the Obama campaign. Too funny!! I want one of these!

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How Writing Flow Can Happen For You Too ~ 9 Ways

Feeling a bit of writer’s block? Here’s some ideas to help. Great advice!

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R/C B-29 + X1

This may well be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Wow, truly amazing. I love hobbies!

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» Blog Archive » Big Apple, Big Excitement

I don’t care what he says, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing a real hero (not a guy who plays sports and talks to sick kids for an hour once a month) does. Kudos to this guy, and not just for his co-starring with the girl from Tiki Bar TV!

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