Rapid Fire – Wednesday, January 30

YouBama – The Citizen Generated Campaign

Fantastic quasi-mashup site bringing a bunch of “why I support Obama” videos together into one location. Very cool!

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Is This Ethical for a Blogger/Journalist ? – Blog Maverick

Mark Cuban asks an interesting question about where the ethical boundaries are for a journalist who interviews a subject for a traditional publication, then blogs about the experience elsewhere (in this case, Valleywag). What do you think?

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$1 Camera Image Stabilizer That Fits In Your Pocket | Laughing Squid

Very cool “gadget” (if you can call it that) for stabilizing your shots. I’m going to go out tonight to get the supplies… this is absolutely brilliant.

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YouTube – Second Skin Trailer

A Documentary on virtual worlds and the gamers who inhabit them. I remember seeing the same film only about Everquest a few years back. Should be interesting.

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