Rapid Fire – Wednesday, March 12

Lessig publicly humiliates Andrew Keen – Boing Boing

Andrew Keen vs. Larry Lessig. Wow, sounds like an unfair fight. Good thing I have so little respect for Keen…

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340lb Open Source BattleBot Malfunctions In Near Attack At BarCampAustin3 During SxSW. — TalkBMC

“As they say, it’s all fun and games until someone loses control of a 340lb battlebot.”

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Hawthorn Thistleberry: Arguing on the Internet

Fantastic look at the reality of trying to debate those on the internet. Funny and true.

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Buzz Marketing for Technology: Influencers Shminfluencers – a podcast with Duncan Watts

A podcast with Duncan Watts, the guy who wants to kill the Tipping Point concept.

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Musician turns to fans for help with new disc – CNN.com

“Sobule, whose witty and poignant writing first attracted attention with the song “I Kissed a Girl,” has set up a Web site asking fans to donate money so she can make a new CD. She set a goal of $75,000 and, in a month, she’s made about $58,000 as of midday Tuesday.”

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