Rapid Fire – Wednesday, October 15

50 Most Influential Powerful Women in Social Media

“In every industry there are a few people who are inarguably outstanding at what they do. In addition to that, they are typically charismatic, energetic, and creative. In an effort to find some of these people I asked my twitter friends to nominate people who they thought were some of the most powerful and influential women in Social Media.”

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What If You Ran an Ad, and Nobody Saw It? – GigaOM

“We call this banner blindness — people won’t see ads at all,” said Nielsen. “Ads might as well not exist as far as users are concerned, except for search ads.” The number of web users that so much as glance at banner ads, he added, is too small to even quantify.

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Confirmed: Obama Is Campaigning on Xbox 360! – GigaOM

“I can confirm that the Obama campaign has paid for in-game advertising in Burnout”. Very cool.

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