I am a long-time advocate and evangelist for online and offline community building, social customer engagement, social media, and customer-company interaction. I have been working with online communities, fan groups, and consumer groups since the early days of the Internet, and have a rich background in Web development, community management, business strategy, and product development. I run Community5, a boutique consulting firm that helps organizations of all sizes build, optimize their online communities efforts. You can find my full resume on LinkedIn. I have appeared in print a number of times.
Getting Started with LEGO Trains Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement Cluetrain Manifesto 10th Anniversary Edition (afterword)
I wrote this book to help introduce LEGO fans to the joy of building LEGO Trains. I also used this writing process as a means to help troubleshoot the process of allowing LEGO fans to write LEGO themed books. I was the technical editor on this book, working closely with the author, Dave Evans. I helped co-write this book, diving deeper into social media marketing and customer engagement. The Cluetrain was one of my earliest inspirations when I started doing community work. The Cluetrain authors asked me to put an afterword in the 10th anniversary edition about his work with LEGO.

If you’re interested in seeing me in action, check out my speech in Sweden: Confessions of a Super Fan