Seriously? Bullying?

Since it seems to be "Social Community Week" here on, I figured I’d post a note about The site is yet another social community site for students, but what really stuck out to me is the items in their home page sales pitch:

  • Bully, Flirt and secretly admire
  • Share homework
  • Vote for Best Butt

As my colleague said this morning, this is begging for trouble…

UPDATE: The good folks over at the amazing research group, Iconoculture dug up some interesting bit of background on the site.

What’s Happening
  • Teen social network is becoming a popular Web hangout – just as it was designed to be by the teens who own and run it.
  • myYearbook isn’t just a social space for chats and spats and what’s hot and what’s not. The site makes it easy for enterprising teens to organize their friend, family, work and school lives. And even plan for life after college.
  • The two teen sibs who started myYearbook in April 2006 – David and Catherine Cook, age 17 and 16, respectively – are considering lucrative offers for their site.