Sony: How to Kill a Brand

Spike points us to a jaw-droppingly cool YouTube video, created by hobbyists, yet creates a message as powerful as anything a big ad agency could develop. For a client who competed with Sony, of course.

As you may remember, I’m a long, long time Sony loyalist who has also had enough. You may remember my Sony rant post, or the irritation about the Fiona Apple album release?

As Spike mentions about the creators of this clip:

Here’s what he had to say about his creation: This song is about how Sony took everything gamers didn’t want in a console and gave it to them for more than they were willing to pay.

Now that’s some tasty business strategy right there!

I seriously have to wonder what’s going on at Sony. They continue year on year to make repeated, obvious, and horrendous decisions they do about the direction of their products. While I’m invited more and more to speak about “Consumer Driven Innovation”, they seem to be moving down the exact opposite end of the spectrum. Hell, pretty soon, they’ll be so backwards they’ll be trying to sell us stone wheels and flint, thinking it’s an all together new innovation.

Wake up, Sony. You’re smarter than this.