Spoken word Community Guy


If you’ve missed it, I’ve added the Odiogo plugin to CommunityGuy.com’s WordPress installation. This adds the ability to listen, rather than read, all Community Guy blog posts. You can check out all the subscription/listening options here, or click the “Listen Now” button at the top of each post. (A player is shown inline on the page)

While the voice reading the blog content is clearly computer based, it’s amazing how clear and effective the software voice reads the content. I’m hoping that Odiogo adds additional tags that allow me to control how the voice reads the content. They already offer a tag to skip blocks of copy, but I’d also like things like a “pause” feature, or a “title” feature… things that only appear when Odiogo’s voice reads it.

I’ll continue to play with the functionality and report my results. So far, so good though.

What do you think? Do you have interest in such a feature? Is the audio voice/quality good enough to listen to regularly?