Starbucks kicks off the season

Since I’m just back from the WOMMA conference today, I thought a story from their e-newsletter was in order!

Starbucks kicked off the holiday season last month with a word of mouth campaign designed to make good deeds go viral. The effort revolves around a half million "cheer passes," which Starbucks will distribute to consumers along with free gifts — such as movie tickets and gift cards — via brand ambassadors. When a customer receives a cheer pass, he or she is expected to do a good deed for someone else and then give them their cheer pass.

The actual passes are numbered, and Starbucks hopes consumers will log onto its holiday microsite,, to share stories about receiving them. The novel concept is sure to generate buzz, but will also enable Starbucks to track the spread of its viral experiment.

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I’m very impressed with the Holiday Tradition Submission part of the site. This consumer generated content concept gives a real, and interesting reason to participate.