State of the Blogosphere thought

Reading the latest State of the Blogosphere today, something stuck out to me that I’ve not yet heard anyone talking about.

When you look at the Daily Posting Volume numbers, it’s interesting to see that whenever there’s a big spike in discussion (around Katrina, the London bombings, or Deepthroat being revealed, for instance), there’s also an immediate drop shortly thereafter. Volume picks up quickly, but I’m reading that to mean something quite clear, but quite important:

Once we’ve blogging a topic to death, we lose interest in blogging overall – mostly temporarily.

Seems like an obvious point, but it’s one that we’ve always assumed, but never really had numbers to support. This is an important note for organizations working with consumers, since we often freak out when there’s a lull in traffic after a spike. The message seems to be: don’t look at your traffic daily, look at it quarterly.