T-Mobile launches micro-networking

T-Mobile has launched a really cool "micro-networking" concept. According to T-Mobile, most customers call the same 5 numbers 65% of the time. Their myFaves program allows you to choose your 5 favorite people to have on your phone with instant access. Even better – you get free calling to those five people, regardless of which network they’re on. (Check out the screenshot)

While Alltel has had similar functionality, T-Mobile’s nationwide coverage should really blow this concept out.

With this launch, T-Mobile has done a great job positioning themselves to be a huge player at the collision of two future trends:

  • Truly mobile computing – as the phone device becomes more powerful, our needs to be chained to our desktop computer (or even laptop) because less important.
  • Micro-networks – we’re seeing more and more niche social networks popup to truly engage people where it really matters. MySpace is great, but with millions of users tripping over each other, it’s increasingly tough to connect on any significant level. Micro-networks make it easy to connect with people we want to connect with around subjects of mutual interest.

Good job T-Mobile, can’t wait to see where it goes from here!