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People call me The Community Guy


Creating your own posse

A couple years back I was quoted in the book Primal Branding about my work with LEGO. Since reading the book, I’ve been fascinated with the concept that “every brand is a belief system”. I certainly felt that way about the work and product at LEGO, but I’ve wondered what happens when someone says “what […]

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How to talk about your competitors

Josh started an interesting discussion in the beginning of April that I’ve been meaning to respond to. Basically he asks “Should you talk about your competitors?” Here’s my problem. One of the other sacred tenets we’re supposed to uphold in the groundswell is to “be authentic.” I strongly agree with this – pretending to be […]

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OCRN: Community Netiquette: How to Avoid Stepping on Virtual Toes

The firehose of OCRN content has been turned on! The next whitepaper is has been posted, and this one is entitled: Community Netiquette: How to Avoid Stepping on Virtual Toes. Most of us know that in the typical online community, it’s not kosher to post blatant marketing materials. But when confronted by other more nuanced […]

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