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Drupal Designer Needed

I have a project for a designer who also knows their way around CSS, specifically for implementation into the Drupal system. Know anyone? Ping me! (jake AT communityguy DOT com) or leave a message in this thread. I’d love to talk to you.

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Common Internet Morality?

If you haven’t noticed the rush of comments here on the blog lately, let me apologize on behalf of the spammers. That’s right, despite my image captcha verification I’m still getting comment spam. How, you ask, can an automated tool figure out the text that’s in the captcha image? They can’t. Instead, these are real […]

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Females can invade personal space too

I almost hate to post about this because I don’t want to continue the discussion… so just consider this a vent of a quasi-political nature. This week everyone from the Huffington Post to Advertising Age has been talking about Sheryl Crow getting yelled at by Karl Rove. According to the Huffington Post article from Crow […]

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I've been everywhere, man…

A fun activity – here’s all the states I’ve visited. I’m bound and determined to visit the rest!

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The Dawn of My Music

Had Kurt Cobain lived, he’d have turned 40 this week. He died when he was 27. Ouch. I suddenly feel really old. Cobain’s death still make me sad, sadder than it should for a guy I never met. In the late 80s I really liked music, or perhaps really wanted to like music. I was […]

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OK! We get it!

OK, OK! We get it, Saint Anna Nicole Smith’s death is a tragic loss for all of mankind. Without her here to guide us through our daily lives, we’re all likely to suffer the pain of a thousand deaths. She left so much unfinished… how can we continue her legacy? I’m not sure it’s possible… […]

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CommunityGuy.com gets dusted off

After several years having the same, marginal design I spent a few minutes last night dusting off the design and moving some things around. Nothing’s missing from the previous sidebars, they’re just now at the bottom of the page. Hopefully this cleaner look will give me a deep breath for my internal voice that has […]

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FTC requires Sony to respect their customers. Sorta.

Sony. Once a giant, a seemingly unstoppable force of high quality, well-thought technology, seems today to be floundering under it’s own weight and cluelessness. I’d believe it in a second if you told me that the product design team hasn’t been outside their building in a decade, and has only learned about consumers through marketing […]

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26 Things for January

I’m throwing my hat in the ring for the 26 Things Photographic Scavenger Hunt. I’ll be updating this list as I mark something off (and post it to my Flickr account). More soon! photography soft small spaces light dance opposite blur fruit travel 2 in the sky mirror keys season sports remote chocolate in my […]

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24 Premieres – Jake rolls his eyes

I started watching 24 three seasons ago. The first season I watched was guilty, unrealistic fun so I tried it last season. I got caught up in seeing the story through to the end, although it certainly wasn’t "good" TV. It was basically a repeat of previous season’s story line. (i.e. there’s a Middle Eastern […]

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