I'm Jake McKee

People call me The Community Guy


FFF: The Bridge

Reasoning for this week’s Friday Flickr Find: I the overall composition of this shot, but especially that the background is so lacking detail it’s flat black, while the foreground is sharp as it gets. (The Bridge by Hulalulatallulahoop)

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Canon vs. Nikon: Who’s engaging their fans?

One of my LEGO community friends is an amazing photographer and has been a Canon fan for years. I remember him using Canon before I even knew that there was a Canon vs. Nikon struggle happening amongst photogs. (Think Apple vs. PC, Coke vs. Pepsi) He and I recently exchanged emails and I was telling […]

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Flickr turns 4

It seems like only yesterday I was signing up for my original flickr-based flickr user account (you know, before the made the completely obvious, yet surprisingly anger generating switch to YahooID). The site has evolved, but what’s great is that it really hasn’t changed. The evolutions have been small improvements not massive overhauls which should […]

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