The Community Jobs Portal is working!

I’ll be honest – the main reason that I build the Community Jobs Portal is because I’ve had so many people asking me lately to help them fill or find open community jobs. Like all great projects, I was just doing it to help make my own life easier!

But within the last couple of days, I’ve gotten two different emails from both a Job Seeker and a Job poster that have me fired up. Allow me to share.

From someone who posted as a Job Seeker:

I’m the community manager/moderator who posted in the “looking for job” section a couple of weeks back and was contacted by no less than three companies who had seen my post on that board. Thought I should let you know that while there aren’t a ton of postings, there are companies who troll your boards looking for community experts 🙂

From an employer posting an open position:

I’ve already gotten a hit… within 2 hours of posting (and they said they had already spent 45min on our site checking it out) wow!! good response!

2008 is going to be a great year for community, maybe it’ll be a great year for your community too!