The McKee family is Seattle bound!

Ant's Eye View World HQ

If you follow me on twitter (@jakemckee) you know that I’m in the midst of pretty big life change. That’s right, after 6 years in Dallas, our family is moving to Seattle!

When Sean and I created the new and improved Ant’s Eye View in January, we wondered if it made sense to have us geographically spread out so that we could more easily service regional clients. But almost immediately it became obvious that we needed to be in the same physical location. After all, the Wonder Twins can’t active their powers if they can’t fist bump their rings.

Not to say that I’m comparing Sean and I to alien Super Friends.

Ant’s Eye View World HQ (aka thinkspace) is located in Redmond, WA and we’ll be living right up the street. We’re pretty dang excited, both to be Seattle area residents and to get this damn moving stuff completed. Oh, and of course to be a member of Social Media Club Seattle and SEALUG!

Dallas has always been great to my career and my life. After a total of 12 years living in Dallas, I’ll miss it. But I’m also really excited about the move.

And for the record: yes, I know it rains a lot there. Thanks for the reminder.