The real change

There seemed to be an undercurrent at the Summit of “how can we use WOM techniques to sell crappy products”. No one wanted to admit it, but there were plenty of agency people asking questions that gave away that their thoughts were heading that way.

One of the panelists (can’t recall who but I think it was Dave Evans) was telling a story about those eye glass repair kits that are sold on late night TV. He was saying that not only do they not work, but they ruin your glasses. The greatest quote of the conference:

“The days of those kinds of products is are over…”

There are a metric ton of crap products, and probably always will be to some extent. But the power those once had is dwindling rapidly. Market forces are not necessarily squeezing them out, but certainly putting a governer on the amount.

But the key message to agencies trying to retain respect and do successful work? Stop taking crap clients.