The Universe Speaketh


Last week I was walking to my car in the airport parking lot, tired but upbeat. The presentation I’d given earlier that day had gone perfectly, and will likely (or at least hopefully) lead to big, cool projects in 2009.

As I got close to my car, I saw this white Lotus parked across the aisle. It was the universe’s way saying “Good work, keep on truckin brother!”

You see, the Lotus has been my target, my physical goal manifestation for years. In college, I had a picture tacked to my wall of a blue Esprit. Working three jobs in college, trying desperately to graduate a few weeks later, I saw a red one cross my path as I was (literally) running between job and class. A few years back, on a particularly frustrating day at my last company, I saw a yellow one parked in the building’s parking lot. And now this pristine white Esprit.

Thank you, universe. Sometimes the signals you send aren’t so kind, but I truly appreciate your gesture of encouragement!

Funniest thing? At this point, I’m not sure I’d actually *want* to own a Lotus, Esprit or otherwise. I don’t like the new ones and I hear the older ones are hard to maintain.