This is new…

I just got a mail from

Our records indicate that you have not accessed with this user ID in more than 14 months: sink21*. If you did log into recently, you used a different user ID.

To keep the profile information and address book associated with sink21, please log in to any of the tools available to you on Otherwise, this user ID and profile will be deleted from our records on October 10, 2007.

Please note, however, that your other user ID’s for and their associated address books will not be deleted.

Thank you.

This type of thing is a first for me. I wonder what the motivation here is – perhaps this is a marketing effort to get me to come back to the site. Or perhaps they’re doing some technology/database cleanup for some reason. Seems odd, and a bit of a waste of time. Plus, I don’t like that I don’t have my username for the long-term. I like my username.

What do you think?