Threadless shirt is on it's way!

threadless.pngAfter many moons of lust, I’ve finally bought my first Threadless shirt, “Surprise”. There’s still several others that I’m really wanting to buy, but they’re out of stock. (This one is probably my favorite… please Threadless, please reprint!)

I got to thinking a lot about Threadless recently after talking to a client about people doing great product design businesses with community. (This is the conversation that inspired this blog post)

I pulled up my links and rediscovered an old SVN blog entry: 7 reasons why Threadless rules. Too good not to share.

  1. ┬áIt’s not Web 2.0
  2. Community…no, really
  3. It’s playful.
  4. It’s a real business.
  5. DIY Attitude.
  6. Quality.
  7. Giving Back.

Check out the post for more detail on each of these points. Great read.

As much as I love Threadless, here’s my challenge to the world: who’s going to take The Threadless Way and use it to make another business, perhaps in another industry, just as cool?

I’m also curious – how long until the celebrity factor kicks in and we all start hatin on Threadless because they’re too big and make too much money?