Ticking down to a real vacation

It's nearly time, baby!

Time is ticking down… soon I will be on a tasty South Carolina beach, (mostly) unwired, soaking up the sun and sand, and wrestling with my baby.

Assuming the baby doesn’t land us in Airport Jail, that is. She’s 9 months on Sunday and we’ve never flown with her (or any other baby). We’ll see how my karma has built up over the years. I think I’ve been pretty damn kind to those poor parents with the crying babies on my flights of past. Hopefully that means something, considering our baby has recently learned how to scream like a banshee.

Wish us luck.

Depending on my vacation spirits, I may likely take some a blog vacation too. Here’s a few things to occupy your time while you  count the minutes until my return (ha!):

There, that should keep you busy! See you in a week or so.