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When Sean and I started Ant’s Eye View almost exactly a year ago, we had a pretty clear dream. We wanted to build a company that was based on senior talent, doing in-depth work with clients who were rolling up their sleeves and diving into social media and customer engagement with force.

A year in, we’ve achieved exactly that. Our team is an amazing group of geniuses. Our clients list is amazing and we’re helping them develop and implement some impressive programs and internal changes. And we’ve grown to 11 people and 2 offices.
11 people and 2 offices.

Never in our wildest dreams did we think we’d reach such heights in a mere 12 months. But here we are about to celebrate again.

That’s right, we’re growing again. As you may have read on the AEV blog today, we are very excited to announce that we’re opening a Silicon Valley office. 3 offices!

Building out that office will be the newest Ant, Kira Wampler. Kira has been the Group Marketing Manager of Online Engagement with Intuit and will join as Managing Director. Here’s some background:

When it comes to being in the trenches with customer engagement , nobody has been deeper, or done more amazing work than Kira Wampler. Having had a chance to work with Kira when she was at Intuit, I was blown away by her depth of knowledge, amazing leadership, and of course her stunning use of BSG references. Kira has been named a Small Business Marketer of the Year not once, but twice (2008 and 2009), and her project Small Business United won the WOMMA 2009 Grand Prix Award. In short, she’s a rockstar.

As Kira joins the team, it’s a good, and proud reminder that our team is unique. We have built something that attracts amazingly talented practitioners that otherwise wouldn’t join an agency or consulting firm.

It was an amazing 2009, but 2010 is shaping up to be flat out stunning. With a team like this, how could it not be?!?