Webinar: The Art of Evangelism

My friend and evangelism guru, Guy Kawasaki is running a webinar about…well…evangelism. Duh. If you’ve never seen/heard Guy speak, now’s your chance. (Although, if you’ve never seen him speak, make it a priority to do so)

Please join me for a free online WebEx seminar called “The Art of Evangelism.” During this seminar I’ll explain the strategies and tactics of evangelism for products and services. I hope you can join me.

Tuesday, September 25th
11:00 am Pacific
Register here

Speaking of Webinars, if I were to offer communityguy.com webinars, would you be interested? Topics may include:

  • Hiring & Training Community Managers
  • Pitching Community Concepts to Upper Management
  • Day-to-day management of Co-Creation Projects
  • Technologies for managing community>company conversation
  • Planning and Developing Customer/Community Engagement Strategy
  • Best Practices for Community Driven Event Participation

If you’d be interested in Webinars of this nature, please leave a comment on this thread or drop me an email.