What are bloggers blogging about?

The good folks at Pew Internet have a new study out that looks at bloggers. They have a wealth of info in their report covering everything from the percentage of bloggers who do it for the money to age ranges to what tools are being used.

What I found the most interesting (in a sea of interesting info) was the subject matter. Here’s what Pew says bloggers are blogging about:

37% – “my life and experiences”
11% – issues of public life
7% – entertainment
6% – sports
5% – news & current events
5% – business
4% – technology
2% – religion
1% – a hobby
1% – illness

Political blogging and business blogging have taken a lion’s share of the pretty attention lately, but it looks like they’re a small part of what bloggers are actually talking about. Just goes to show that you have to dig deeper than the hype to really understand what’s going on.