What’s Jake doing in Austin??

AEV_ICON.pngIf you’ve been watching my tweets lately, you’ve probably noticed quite a few mentions of my presence in Austin, Texas.

I’m am proud to share the news that after having an informal presence in Austin, Ant’s Eye View has opened our second official office here! With the hiring of Jennifer Hughes, our second Austin employee, our need to formalize our Austin office took on greater necessity.

My business partner, Sean, and I talked through options on how to make this work and coupled with some significant personal life changes, it made a lot of sense for me to move back to Austin and oversee the growth here.

And yes, I just moved to Seattle. And yes, I love Seattle. But hey, I also love Austin, so I feel like I’m hitting a double jackpot. Austin, after all, is the Live Music Capital of the World TM

We have a great office space here, and we’ll soon have an open house event. I’m even considering re-instituting an age old tradition: the NVD Nooner. Years ago when I worked at NVision Design in Dallas, we held an afternoon event the last Friday of every month. We’d get a keg, invite industry friends, hide our confidential materials and open the office up. Since we have a great deck at the office, the AEV Nooner is a moral imperative!

I’m stoked to be an Austin resident, have already discovered I live down the street from Hey Cupake!, and am trying to readjust to October humidity and heat. I’m baaaack, baby!